Vision, Missions and Objectives



Long-term vision: To be the leading educational biology institution with an international reputation.

Short-term Vision: Leading in the development of conservation biology, industrial biology and biomedical as well as care for the interests and needs of the community.


  1. Organizing education in the biological field to obtain virtuous, highly competitive and have adaptive leadership biology undergraduate on people and the environment;
  2. Conducting research to develop biological based on the interests of society and the environment;
  3. Dissemination of research results through publications, and assessing the application of biology in developing human resources and sustainable use of natural resources.


  1. The realization of quality education process in order to produce a virtuous biology undergraduate competent and professional, have adaptive leadership on people and the environment;
  2. The realization of professional educators with high academic competence;
  3. The realization of the internal management performance quality;
  4. The realization of high quality research that is beneficial to develop human resources and sustainable use of natural resources.
  5. Terwujudnya kelompok masyarakat binaan.